Is it possible to order a single keycap set in the webshop?



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    Nick Boots

    I would like to ask if Uniqey/GMK would consider at least delivering spares for all sizes of Spacebars over 3U, perhaps even 3U itself, that would be great, and in the best case, all sizes. Anyway, I have a kit of GMK WoB from Drop (the issue is also taken up with them, but not sure if they're willing to help), and I have two issues with my CR 6U off-center space bar, I noticed it started showing shine in the middle quite fast, so that reason alone would be nice if one could get a replacement, but I also noticed it's warped. 

    If put on a flat surface like my phone's screen, it can sway like a rocking-chair. So I'm looking if I could get a replacement as this causes my stabilizer not to work optimally. 

    Could this please be put into consideration?

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